Billy Davis

Fitness Expert  Entrepreneur   Paratriathlete  Motivational Speaker

Hi, I'm Billy Davis!

I’ve always been a little different.  Maybe it was growing up in Kansas and being raised by visually impaired parents. Maybe it was the amazing collection of teachers and coaches I had growing up in Topeka, Kansas; before attending the University of Kansas on a track and field scholarship. Maybe is was my time traveling the country with my boyband Slo Motion! Yes, I said "boyband!"  Maybe it was when I decided to bet everything I had on myself and move to New York City at the age of 24 to find my fortune. (I didn’t know anyone in the city and I have no relatives east of Minnesota.) To be honest, I think it was all of these things, but not in the way you might think. 


In May of 2012, I endured my greatest challenge to date when I lost my left leg, above the knee in a motorcycle accident. It was both the luckiest and unluckiest day of my life. I went through 11 hours of surgery, four blood transfusions, flatlined twice and spent five days in a coma before I woke up and promptly asked for “A cheeseburger and a coke!” In time I would use this as my rallying cry while raising 10’s of thousands of dollars for people with disabilities. 


A few days after waking from a comma I had a realization. Being a 38 year old “new” amputee was going to be hard. It was going to test me in ways I couldn’t fathom. I would need to be the very best version of myself to overcome this. I was familiar with the power of personal development for my mental state and fitness for my physical.  And I would need both to make the best of being an amputee.  


I was also clear that I was uniquely qualified for this particular challenge. I knew that I could find a way to turn this life-altering experience into a shining example of what’s possible for others; both disabled and able-bodied. And that’s what I’ve done. I decided to focus on personal development while training for triathlons as my method. And it worked! 


In the years leading up to and after my accident, I’ve trained countless students to success in fitness and fitness related industries. I’ve trained clients to everything from losing a few pounds before a vacation to Tough Mudders, Spartan Races, triathlons and the New York City Marathon. And I’ve spoken to groups all over the country about my journey; using it touch, move and inspire others to greatness. 

"My mission is to inspire and empower others, especially amputees through fitness and fearless living."  --- Billy Davis

"I love who I get to be when I'm training and competing!  A man of character, guts, grit, purpose, resilience, perseverance, power, will, tenacity, passion, strength and dedication."--- Billy Davis


Cheeseburger Day