Contact: Nikki Kimbrough

Cheeseburger Day Event




 MAY 18th


Celebrating the Strength of the Human Spirit, Raising Money for ASPIRE,

Support Amputees with Limited Financial Options Who are in Need of

Specialized Equipment


New York, NY (May 17th, 2019) --- On Saturday, May 18th, 12pm to 5pm, Corner Social at 321 Malcolm X Blvd in Harlem and popular New York City trainer and Amputee Triathlete Billy Davis will team up for the fourth consecutive year for Davis’ Annual Cheeseburger Day.  Cheeseburger Day celebrates the strength of the human spirit and raises money for Adolescent Sarcoma Patients Intense Rehabilitation with Exercise, better known as ASPIRE. ASPIRE supports amputees with limited financial options who are in need of specialized equipment.


On May 19th, 2012, Davis lost his left leg above the knee in a near fatal motorcycle accident. “When I awoke from my coma five days later I immediately asked for a Cheeseburger and a Coke,” explains Davis. “So every year since, I celebrate my ‘Alive Day’ and the day I woke up from my coma by eating a cheeseburger to remember those who have survived traumatic limb loss.” In recent years, Davis’ Cheeseburger Day has been flooded with pictures on social media of people all over the world enjoying burgers. “For the last couple of years, Corner Social supported me in my goal to turn Cheeseburger Day into a fundraiser for victims of limb loss, says Davis. “Together we’ve raised more than $20,000 for Groups like Wiggle Your Toes, ASPIRE and Achilles International. Teaming up with Corner Social enabled me to compete in my first triathlon right here in New York City.” This year we’ve added Tito’s Vodka to the team. For everyone who purchases the “Billy Davis Special” on Cheeseburger Day, or one of the drinks featuring Tito’s Vodka, Corner Social donates a portion of the burger’s cost to ASPIRE.


Davis has been competing in one form or another since childhood. In high school he played football, wrestled, and ran track. By the end of his time at Topeka High School in Topeka, Kansas, Davis would rack up countless accolades for each sport, including Kansas state track and field title that earned him a scholarship to the University of Kansas. Davis moved to Jersey City, NY in 1998. While looking for new ways to stay active Davis found Jiu Jitsu, cycling, and Tough Mudders. Winning the North American Grappling Association(NAGA) 2004 heavyweight novice title first and then participating in the TD Five Borough Bike tour and the Montauk Century on multiple occasions. Six months after surviving the horrific motorcycle accident that took his left leg above the knee, he would return to his job as a successful New York City personal trainer having endured nine surgeries and spending four and a half months in inpatient rehab at Westchester Medical Center in Westchester, NY. Doctors, friends and family credit Davis’s exceptional physical conditioning along with his incredible work ethic and determination as primary factors in his amazing recovery. Always up for a challenge, Davis would return to cycling less than a year after his accident. It would be another three years of hard work and countless deadness before he would run his first Olympic distance triathlon with the Wiggle Your Toes Triathlon Team in NYC Triathlon. That was 2016.


ASPIRE or Adolescent Sarcoma Patients Intense Rehabilitation with Exercise (ASPIRE) is a not for profit organization founded by Paddy Rossbach and David Balsley in 1986. ASPIRE's mission is to help children and young people get back into an active lifestyle through sports and recreational activities. Billy Davis is has become a true team member and currently serves on the board of directors. Participating in challenging endurance events, training fellow amputees, raising funds to support the efforts of organizations like ASPIRE are just some of the ways Billy dedicates himself to the cause and continually inspires all those around him to exceed their goals and never give up."  


Tito’s Handmade Vodka is America’s Original Craft Vodka. In 1995 Bert “Tito” Beveridge obtained the first legal permit to distill in Texas and created Tito’s Handmade Vodlka. Tito’s dispatches its corn-based vodka using the same old-fashioned stills on the same land in Austin, Tx where the whole venture started. Billy and Corner Social are proud to team up with Tito’s Vodka to make this the best Cheeseburger Day yet. 


Corner Social embodies and honors the vibe, energy and style of Harlem. The uptown community brings together like-minded, successful individuals in an atmosphere that is artistic, entertaining and fun. It has quickly become one of Harlem’s most popular restaurant and bar with contemporary American cuisine, warm hospitality and unparalleled service.  “Corner Social is very proud to be a part of this amazing event. Billy Davis is such an inspiration for our community, through his courage and resilience he has demonstrated that adversity not only builds character but also reveals it," says former Corner Social General Manager Raphael Benavides. "Billy has bounced back from adversity to focus and emphasize the positive in our human nature, through his strength, confidence and optimism he has triumphed over fear and adversity. It is our honor to work with him for such an amazing cause.” Twitter: @cornersocialnyc  Instagram: @cornersocial


Come celebrate Cheeseburger Day on Saturday, May 18th, 2019, at 12pm to 5pm hosted by Corner Social - 321 Malcolm X Blvd, corner of Lenox Avenue and 126thStreet. An afternoon full of fun, food, drinks of course cheeseburgers and great people raising money for a great cause. For information and to donate visit; Twitter and Instagram: @bivbodies. #cheeseburgerday2019